Super Golden Black Sunchild
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Supergoldendarksunchild

  1. Super Golden Black Sunchild (2:25)
    Available on Golden Feelings and 1 other release.
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Producer, Vocals
Super Golden Black Sunchild [Version (a)]:

Bless this sceptre, the genius too
Shit the eagle, don't be cruel
My little sunchild, my blinding sun
Stab my power, reap the reward
Supergolden black sunchild

Slice the mango, the drooling fool
Flare the nostril, feeling cool
Sweating in the meadow of fate
Scratch me gently, burning flag
Supergolden black sunchild
The Song:

"Super Golden Black Sunchild" not only has some of Beck's quirkiest lyrics, it also has his quirkiest vocals! I think there is a nice song underneath this, but in the end it just feels a bit like Beck was goofing around (though clearly that's how some of his best stuff came to be back in the day). I have no idea what he did to get his voice to do some of those Donovan-like sounds like that though.

Are the lyrics here inconsequential? Maybe, but it is worth noting the great internal rhyming (like "sweating," "meadow," "gently"). Beck recognizes the importance of the sound of words, while still maintaining some sort of fluency.

Played live once:
November 28, 1994

The closest thing I know to a live version of "Super Golden" was on November 28 1994. There, Beck noticed his wavering voice was sounding like Donovan and then sang "bless this sceptre" from this song real quick, before playing a song for real.