Soul Sucked Dry
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Soul Sucked Dry (1:30)
    Available on Golden Feelings.
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Electric), Harmonica, Vocals
Soul Sucked Dry [Version (a)]:

My soul sucked dry, now my soul been sucked dry
The emptiness surrounds me, bitterness crowds me
Emptiness surrounds me, bitterness crowds me
With my soul's sucked dry, ow my soul sucked dry
When I lift my head, my soul sucked dry
Emptiness surrounds me, bitterness crowds me

She is gettin' flaky
Doesn't want to take me
She's a special lady
Gonna shake and bake me
The Song:

"Soul Sucked Dry" is just a brief blip of a recording, found on his early Golden Feelings tape.

Beck is playing some bluesy electric guitar while singing in a deep, exaggerated blues voice. He adds a tiny bit of harmonica. There is also some vaguely annoying wailing or crying in the background, though it's hard to tell if it was intentionally part of the song, or an artifact on the tape or something like that.

Having had your soul sucked was an image Beck enjoyed enough to incorporate into another, much more interesting song, "Soul Suckin Jerk."

A little snippet of another song is included afterwards, which incorporates a line that would be used in "Sweet Sunshine" ("shake and bake me").


The closest this has come to being performed live is that Beck on November 28, 1994 when Beck ad-libbed about his soul being sucked dry during a couple of the songs. In a relatively rare rendition of "Ziplock Bag," he adds a number of lines like "All my days / My soul sucked dry." He says something similar later on near the end of the show in the middle of "Beercan."