Slimy Power Chick
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Version Of: Slimy Power Chick

This Version:
Sparkly fog of connections, relations in everything that happens
It's all ambiguous, you can't get to the end of anything

Fish taco on my plate!
She's been calling me every day!
I'm a big believer, she's a deciever
Now she's spreading herself too thin
Go to dinner, chicken salad sandwich
She gets bitchy and I can't make the grade
I'm sucked in, I'm weak in the knees
I got lo-fat chicken disease
She senses fear like a wanderin' Jew
She runs free as a shrink in judgment
Oh no no no! Yea!

She's scared 'cause I'm ok
I don't need to cry on my pillow
Now my friend's putting down the gridlock
Is she slimy? Is she lying to me?
Is she using my natural attraction
To cut a picture of a shiny illusions?
Is it all lame? Power on a void
Broken coffin is taken to extremes