Saxx Laws (Night Flight to Ojai)
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

Version Of: Sexx Laws

This Version:
[Listening to this instrumental will change your life.]
The Song:

In all of Beck's career, there's one style of music he never conquered -- until now!

Yes, his first single off of Midnite Vultures was reinvented as new age jazz music.

It's not clear how involved Beck was in this, as the names all credited in the liner notes are new, and may or may not be pseudonyms. I have a feeling the man who played keyboards and provided spiritual guidance, Rutger Mannheim, is a not-so-veiled credit for Roger Manning. 9-string bass and aromatherapy is credited to a Khorus. It's anyone's guess who that is. (And is there such a thing as a 9-string bass?)

Anyway, the "joke" works here because of the perfection of the details -- from a incredibly cheesy bassline, sound effects of waves and seagulls, to the rolling guitar, and chimy rhythm.