By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Feeling Hurter

  1. Schmoozer (2:21)
    Available on Golden Feelings.
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
Schmoozer [Version (a)]:

You been talking now
You been rocking now
You been a-guessin' now
You been undressin' now
You goin' up and down
You got supersound
You got a lot of cow
Stuck a shiny stake on me now

You been ducking down
You been fucking 'round
You been riding now
You been inside her now
You're just a sucker clown
I'm just a fucker now
I got no money now
Say that ain't funny now
Yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah, country now!

You goin' trippin' now
You been dickin' 'round
You gonna catch me now
Crack in the kitchen now
All of the people now
Crawling and creeping now
If I could show you how
Watch me get bogus now!
Now now now, come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Kill me oh!
The Song:

"Schmoozer," unlike most of the songs on Golden Feelings, is a full band performance. It sounds a little like early Velvet Underground with a raw melodic garage band feel to it. The electric guitar is very much in Lou Reed's style, catchy and clean. The vocals are distorted and the drums pounding give the song a very garage basement feel; in fact, it sounds very much like something that would end up on One Foot in the Grave later on in the year.

The different bridges are entertaining. The first is only drums; the second a brief country-ish guitar solo (led by Beck shouting "Oh yeah, country now!"). The lyrics were probably improvised. His skills with melody and words are still apparent. Beck ends the song with some manic harmonica playing.