"Rollins Power Sauce"
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. "Rollins Power Sauce" (1:53)
    Available on Stereopathetic Soulmanure.
    unknown: Drums
    Tom Grimley: Engineer
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Electric), Producer, Vocals
"Rollins Power Sauce" [Version (a)]:

God, my throat muscles are completely shredded!

You tell no-one! Nobody!
Beating on you! No defenses!
False faces! Bloody wallet!
Rippin' out your head!
Put on my clothes!
Now when I want you out!
Where blood is ???!
Where the blood is ???!
And I got no focus!
Got no focus!
Owhohwoh no!
The Song:

"Rollins Power Sauce" is a nasty noisy punk track in the mold of Henry Rollins, presumably. Beck shouts the lyrics over some feedback and drums, before tossing the mike to the ground (you can hear it land with a thud). Rollins is famous for shouting his punk poetry, and while this isn't a literal impersonation, it's more of a tribute impersonation. Beck once again does well matching lyrics with music.