Protein Summer
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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This Version:
  • Protein Summer
Smash your stars, your old fruit jars
The candy-ass guards with their fingers all charred
I'm undercover, the protein summer
You know the number and I'll wait outside
Got an infection, ready for inspection
Low they stoop into the guts that glow
Armor and shields, blaze through the fields
Mighty directions with a devil's peel, peel

Sanitized, rippin' the surf
Right down to the fallow earth
They bathe to the caverns
Lighting their way through the curious patterns
Sucking their breath down their legs
Wishing for a world as fresh cigarettes
Now they bathe a tiresome grave
Sorcerer frequency, punks gettin' shaved

Played live once:
November 28, 1994