People Gettin' Busy
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. People Gettin' Busy (2:34)
    Available on Golden Feelings.
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
People Gettin' Busy [Version (a)]:

Walk to the bridge, stand like a fridge
Empty and cold, burnin' a light bulb

I'm sad.

Right now get down, right now people gettin' busy
Right now get down, right now people gettin' busy
Ah yeah... people gettin' so busy

The man gave me a ticket when I tried to kick it
Leanin' on a biscuit, kissin' the finger
Car alarm is going, saxophone is blowing
Money I've been throwing at the dancing children
Everything's so phony, if you want to phone me
You can be my homey, give me some sympathy
Right now get down
The Song:

"People Gettin' Busy" is a quick, but fun, track on his Golden Feelings tape.

The song begins with a couple of samples. The first is a brief snippet of a fairly catchy folk tune. Beck strums his guitar, plays harmonica, and it's in his early 18-year-old Banjo Story voice. Unfortunately, it's only two lines. Interestingly, the lines of the snippet reappeared out of obscurity many years later on the Mutations b-side, "One Of These Days": "Up on the bridge, nowhere to go / Empty and cold, burnin' a light bulb."

The track next has an even shorter blip of Beck announcing in Vader voice "I'm sad," before finally getting busy with "People Gettin' Busy." A sparse recording, this song is suprisingly memorable despite also feeling a bit like Beck had left his tape recorder on too long. But still, his slow bluesy rap is entertaining, and it could definitely use another verse or two.