Bad Energy 1
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Bad Energy 1 (1:30)
    Available on Golden Feelings.
Bad Energy 1 [Version (a)]:

Hey I know who you are! But you don't know me

Talking all shit, got a lot of shit on my mind
Got some bad feelings on me
Special people coming to me
Fast fast people coming to my house
Tellin' me things I already know
Some bad shit, don't want to touch it
It's like a big empty city full of toasters
Bad energy
The Song:

"Bad Energy" is a completely forgettable track from Golden Feelings. Well, not completely, as Beck re-used the title like 10 years later on this song.

Here, Beck is just speaking in a slow, mumbly voice, and unlike some of the other similar "spoken-word" type things he's done, there's next to no musical accompaniment to make it more enjoyable. (There is a barely distinguishable guitar in the back.) Surely it was included on Golden Feelings as filler, as one of those little interludes between songs. He's just having fun. The best moment comes when he says "bad energy," which is immediately preceded by the sound of, well, bad energy.

I can't imagine this has ever been played live.