New Age Evisceration 1
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

New Age Evisceration 1 [Version (a)]:

This is the eruption of your inner teenager

Imagine naked dolphins
Imagine dolphins naked
Fucking a computer
The Song:

Back in 1998, Beck and his grandfather had an art exhibit, where both of their art was on display. At the opening show in Santa Monica, Beck and some of his band did a performance art piece. It was entitled "New Age Evisceration 1." reported that it consisted of "Beck band members in wigs, sandals, fake mustaches; a 10 foot tall cardboard computer monitor, keyboards getting sawed in half, and last but not least a dolphin with a strap-on penis."

A few media outlets wrote this up, as well. The LA Times called the band The Dream Weavers, and said they "delivered an obscure, but occasionally comic, text, backed by ethereal synthesizer sounds, bass and percussion." CMJ added that the band included "someone in a dolphin costume with an out-sized phallus strapped around his waist and stagehands wearing horse-head masks...[Beck] also ended the whole shebang by gutting one of his electric keyboards with a chain saw."

Played live once:
May 8, 1998