By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Grizzly
a.k.a. Sports Convention

  1. Megaboob
    Available on Bury Me In Kern County.
Megaboob [Version (a)]:

(From August 22, 1994 radio version)

Last time was uncut teeth
Lost direction bouncing me to heed
Can't stand the heat
There's a nice ??
Eiffel Tower

Fantastic gravity-defying
Save the world without even trying
Can't stand the noise!
??? ahh!

Every ??
Keep abreast of the situation
Don't ???
The Song:

"Megaboob" is a riffy hard rock/metal song, with lots of guitars. The song was recorded in 1994, but not released until 1998. If you can call it "released," as it was only given to a film called Bury Me In Kern County. Making it even rarer is that it the track was not included on the soundtrack, but it does supposedly appear in the movie. Making it darn near impossible to hear is that the movie is obscure.

The main riff of the verses at the beginning of the song would be used years later as both the bassline for "Deadweight" and the main riff in "Diamond Bollocks" (the "offices and fountains named for you" riff/section).

Played live 5 times:
Earliest known live version: August 22, 1994
Latest known live version: December 18, 1994

Fortunately, more common are bootlegged live performances of the song (where it is sometimes referred to as "Grizzly" or "Sports Convention"). It's a rough song, but a good one.

Appearing on the radio on August 22 1994, in Australia, the band played what is probably the definitive version (for fans anyway). The lyrics are completely overpowered by the surging heavy metal music. Beck mumbles a lot of them anyway.

Beck introduced the song on November 28 1994 by saying "This is about a sports convention." (He was joking around, as two songs later, he introduces "Protein Summer" by saying "This is about a punk rock convention.")

One other performance came on December 5 1994, in Belgium. Lyrically, Beck seems to be repeating the same "Keep abreast of the situation" lines in each of the three verses. It was the last song of the last show of Beck's Mellow Gold touring. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been played since.