Paint the Rain (Beck remix)
By: Natalie Bergman
Original Performance: Natalie Bergman
Written by: Natalie Bergman

  1. Paint the Rain (Beck remix)
    Beck Hansen: Remix
    Natalie Bergman: Vocals
Paint the Rain (Beck remix) [Version (a)]:

In this pain, you make me sing
When I am blue, you take me in
My little ways, they feel strange
You give me a little bit and you take it away

You paint the rain

If you're gonna love somebody, love them all the way
If you open your door, why won't you let me stay?
You said that I'm always running
Well, I was trying to run to you
You lost me back at the wedding
And drive away into the blue

Summer came, I took a plane
Went to the wilderness to remember my name
I built a kite to fly in the wind
I heard from your lawyer
He told me our love was dead
No, we can't be friends

I'm still waiting

If you're gonna love somebody, love them all the way
If you open your door, tell me, baby, let me stay
You said that you wanted freedom
But boy, I'm not trying to keep you
If you're gonna love me, baby, love me all the way

Love me all the way
Love me
You paint

"Paint the Rain" is originally a song that can be found on Natalie Bergman's 2021 album, Mercy. Bergman is the singer in Wild Belle, who opened some shows for Beck in 2019. Bergman also co-wrote "Night Running," the Cage the Elephant/Beck collaboration song.

Beck's remix of "Paint the Rain" came out on July 9, 2021 (on the same day a collab single with Bergman was also released called "You've Got A Woman"). Beck really fills the song out into a full recording; the original is relatively sparse.