By: Beck Hansen, Pharrell Williams

Written by: Beck Hansen, Pharrell Williams

  1. Hyperlife (1:37)
    Available on Hyperspace.
    Beck Hansen: keyboards, Producer, Vocals
    Pharrell Williams: keyboards, Producer
    Roger Joseph Manning Jr.: keyboards
    Randy Merrill: Mastering
    David Greenbaum: Mix
Hyperlife [Version (a)]:

I just want more and more
Beauty, light and crushing life
Want to feel more and more
With you
With you
With you
With you
The Song:

"Hyperlife" is the opening track for Beck's 2019 album, Hyperspace.

It's not a full song, really, more just a dreamy vibe piece (or more accurately, it's a shortened version of another song on the album, "Hyperspace"). That said, Beck did say it encapsulates the themes of the album. He told The Sun:

"There are certain parts of [the technological world] that are terrifying, like how children are not learning empathy as they used to because of social media and the lack of face-to-face time. There is this acceleration happening - the shortening of attention span - and we are going to a different place. Music is changing. Songs are getting shorter. Our ears are changing and our thoughts are changing.

So a song like 'Hyperlife' talks about how technology has this way of making you want more and more. You hunger more. I was very late coming to social media and at first I was in awe of all these incredible photos on Instagram. Then you get immune to it and need to see something more incredible and more unusual. Ultimately, that hunger never gets filled because it becomes a hunger for interaction or for human contact."


Played live 4 times:
Earliest known live version: June 3, 2022
Latest known live version: July 3, 2022