Acid Tongue
By: Jenny Lewis

Written by: Jenny Lewis

  1. Acid Tongue
Acid Tongue [Version (a)]:

I went to a cobbler to fix a hole in my shoe
He took one look at my face
And said "I can fix that hole in you"
I beg your pardon, I'm not looking for a cure
I've seen enough from my friends
In the depths of the God-sick blues

And you know that I am a liar
You know that I am a liar
Nobody helps a liar

'Cause I've been down to Dixie
And dropped acid on my tongue
Tripped upon the land till enough was enough
I was a little bit lighter and adventure on my sleeve
I was a little drunk and looking for company
So I found myself a sweetheart with the softest of hands
We were unlucky in love but I'd do it all again

We built ourselves a fire
We built ourselves a fire
But you know that I am a liar
You know I am a liar

And by the rollin' river is exactly where I was
There was no snake oil cure for unlucky in love
To be lonely is a habit like smoking or taking drugs
And I've quit them both, but man, was it rough

And now I am tired
It just made me tired
Let's build ourselves a fire
Let's build ourselves a fire
The Song:

"Acid Tongue" is the title track from Jenny Lewis' 2008 album.

In March 2019, Jenny hosted a charity benefit/album promo/awkward comedy show online. Beck appeared on the show to discuss one of the songs on her upcoming album, On The Line. Together, they talked about "Do Si Do," sort of. Beck shared very 3-second clips of stems of the recording and made some awkward conversation about it (and stopped to search on his phone for a picture of the drummer). (Beck produced three of the songs on On The Line and "Do Si Do" was one of them.)

There were a number of musical performances throughout the show, but Beck did not do one on his own. However, the show ended with Jenny sitting in a chair on guitar playing her song "Acid Tongue," surrounded by all the guests -- most of whom joined in to harmonize on the chorus. Beck participated in that.

The other singers included: Annie Clark, Morgan Nadler, Mac DeMarco, Jim James, Tim Heidecker, Jeff Goldblum, Jason Schwartzman, Danielle Haim, King Tuff, and Nikki Lane.

You can watch this quite lovely performance here:


Played live once:
March 3, 2019