By: Ian Robbins, Martyn Young

Original Performance: Colourbox
Written by: Ian Robbins, Martyn Young

  1. Tarantula (3:47)
    Available on Tarantula and 1 other release.
    Jason Falkner: Bass
    Michael Valerio: Brass
    Dane Little: Cello
    Jacob Braun: Cello
    Suzie Katayama: Cello
    David Campbell: Conductor, String Arrangement
    Ilan Rubin: Drums
    Brandon Bost: Engineer
    Darrell Thorp: Engineer
    David Greenbaum: Engineer
    Jeff Fitzpatrick: Engineer
    Randy Merrill: Engineer
    Rouble Kapoor: Engineer
    Dylan Hart: French Horn
    Teag Reaves: French Horn
    Tom Elmhirst: Mix
    Roger Joseph Manning Jr.: Piano
    Beck Hansen: Producer, String Arrangement, Vocals
    Philip Keene: Trombone
    Jon Lewis: Trumpet
    Douglas Tournquist: Tuba
    Andrew Duckles: Viola
    Luke Maure: Viola
    Tom Lea: Viola
    Alyssa Park: Violin
    Charlie Bisharat: Violin
    Josefina Vergara: Violin
    Michele Richards: Violin
    Natalie Leggett: Violin
    Sara Parkins: Violin
    Songa Lee: Violin
    Tammy Hatwan: Violin
    Alex Lilly: Vocals (Background)
    Leslie Feist: Vocals (Background)
Tarantula [Version (a)]:

I'm living but I'm feeling numb
Can see it in my stare
I wear a mask so falsely now
And I don't know who I am
Despite the worlds inside of me
Pushing me away
I've noticed in other's eyes
That time is closing in

And when the thunder breaks
It breaks for you and me

The future's looking rather grim
A strange black tide
Decisions lie with foolish men
Alone with my life
They're choking and holding me
Expecting me to fall
But only if I'm threatened
Will see the tables turn

And when the thunder breaks
It breaks for you and me

My world is under a sentence of death
I was born underground
But when the pressure gets too much for me
I bite

The Song:

"Tarantula" was originally a song by the band Colourbox, a single they released in 1982. It was also covered by This Mortal Coil in 1986, who were labelmates and close to Colourbox.

Beck's cover was released in January 2019, as a single inspired by the movie Roma. It will also be released on a fuller soundtrack of songs that were inspired by the movie.

Beck uses a big orchestra, mixed with a light band backing. The song builds to a cool mix of vocals - not just Beck, but also Leslie Feist and his Colors tour bandmate, Alex Lilly. His version is much closer to This Mortal Coil's than the original by Colourbox.

Also to note, Beck had posted an instagram clip (and a photo) in November 2018 of him working on a song and "orchestrations" for Roma. The song was not "Tarantula," and it's still unclear what it was or if we'll get it (lyrics/melody were different, though it was similarly orchestrated). Info on that song and the orchestrations are over on the "Roma song page.

Played live once:
February 4, 2019

Beck played this live the week it came out on James Corden's late night show. He was with an orchestra conducted, not by his dad, but the LA Philharmonic's Gustavo Dudamel. He had 4 singers with him to harmonize: Leslie Feist, Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan, The Bird & The Bee's Inara George, and Alex Lilly from his own band. Jason Falkner played piano, and it looks like Jake Sinclair was there adding some keys or synth. (Where's Roger?!) Nine Inch Nails' drummer, as on record, drums.

Here it is: