Jagermeister Pie
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

Jagermeister Pie [Version (a)]:

[This is an instrumental.]
The Song:

I always thought this was a short snippet of Beck (or someone) playing an accordion. But there's (more expert) opinion on that, from Chris Lawrence, of the excellent Sonic Youth song info site:
regarding jagermeister pie, i'm not so sure that's an accordian he's playing.. it sounds a lot like these little chord organs that have about an octave and a half on em and also have 4 buttons for full chords, which i think is what the sounds on the song are... they're also called wind organs, i think, at least the one i have.. you flick this switch to "boot it up" and you hear this windy acceleration begin../// eh lemme compare it w. the song to be sure, but i've always presumed thats what JP was as opposed to accordian (though it definitely does sound very accordian-ish). one would presume if beck had access to an accordian, he'd do a little more with it than that, and that's about all you can do w/ one of those wind organs.
The recording was done with Tom Grimley at Poop Alley studios, where Beck did a number of songs, including "Pink Noise" and "Totally Confused."

None! If only! :-)