Show You The Way
By: Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Stephen Bruner [Thundercat]
Written by: Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Stephen Bruner [Thundercat]

  1. Show You The Way
The Song:

"Show You The Way" is a song on Thundercat's 2017 album, Drunk. It features Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald.

At Beck's show in northern California in July 2017, Thundercat was the opening act. During Beck's encore of "Where It's At" and "E-Pro," Thundercat came and joined the band on bass. During the band introduction medley part of "Where It's At," Thundercat led the band into a version of his "Show You The Way." Roger Joseph Manning Jr. sang Michael McDonald's part (not a rare occurrence, he does a McDonald impression during the show every once in awhile!) and Jason Falkner sang Kenny Loggins'. Also for this part of the medley, it seems Thundercat's own keyboardist and drummer slid in there and helped out.

Played live once:
July 14, 2017