By: Steve Hanft
Original Performance: Liquor Cabinet
Written by: Steve Hanft

  1. Razario (2:00)
    Available on Bogusflow.
    Clare Crespo: Bass
    Lisa Dembling: Drums
    Steve Hanft: Guitar (Electric)
The Song:

In early 2017, Steve Hanft ripped and put up a short old tape on Youtube. It consisted of some duets he did with Beck, as well as some Liquor Cabinet songs (a band they were both in). The picture of the tape is labeled "Bogusflow" and dated December 1993.

"Razario" is a band instrumental near the end of the tape. Liquor Cabinet actually released the song on a single in mid-1994. THe tape version seems to be identical, though the single has an extra lead guitar line on it. Beck is not credited on the single, and so I assume is not on the tape version either, but I included it here because of it's placement. (See also, "Mile High," also on the tape and the Liquor Cabinet single.)