Metal Star
By: Beck Hansen, Steve Hanft
Written by: Beck Hansen, Steve Hanft

  1. Metal Star (2:26)
    Available on Bogusflow.
Metal Star [Version (a)]:

they all died
they all died
The Song:

In early 2017, Steve Hanft ripped and put up a short old tape on Youtube. It consisted of some duets he did with Beck, as well as some Liquor Cabinet songs (a band they were both in). The picture of the tape is labeled "Bogusflow" and dated December 1993. Title via Steve's comment on Youtube.

Hanft's note for the tape indicates it was mostly Liquor Cabinet songs, but I have a feeling this one is more likely from Beck and his metal band, Loser.

It's a pretty good track actually, much more dynamic than it may initially appear. And one of the riffs in the song seems to end up in Beck's song "Nitemare Hippy Girl" (or vice versa, don't know which came first).