Home Computer
By: Florian Schneider, Karl Bartos, Ralf Hutter

Written by: Florian Schneider, Karl Bartos, Ralf Hutter

  1. Home Computer
The Song:

"Home Computer" is a song from Kraftwerk's 1981 classic, Computer World. It is one of Beck's all-time favorites.

Beck and his band have been including snippets of covers of all sorts of songs within their long "Where It's At" jams on stage throughout 2015-2016. In 2016, at one show, Beck introduced his keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning Jr., who in turn started a big Kraftwerk beat. Beck picked up on it and sang a few lines of "Home Computer." They did this a number of times: sometimes Beck sang some of "Home Computer," other times "Pocket Calculator" from the same album.

Played live 5 times:
Earliest known live version: June 3, 2016
Latest known live version: July 3, 2016