Ev'ry Morning I Bring Her Chicken
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Ev'ry Morning I Bring Her Chicken [Version (a)]:

Ev'ry morning I bring her chicken
Ev'ry night I bring her beer
Ev'ry Friday I bring her biscuits
But all she gives is salty tears
And she says that she is hungry
But all she does is cry
That's why I'm letting her go hungry
While I just sit and eat chicken thigh
The Song:

In order for it to feel more authentic, Beck filled out his Song Reader with fragments of songs, snippets of melodies, and even some fictional song titles and made-up album collections.

"Ev'ry Morning I Bring Her Chicken" is a mix of both: it is a snippet of a song that Beck actually wrote, and is presented in sheet music. It sort of isn't part of the real book, but on an accompanying "guide to sheet music symbols."

At the same time, the song is a reference to an older sheet music song by Harry J Breen and T. Mayo Geary, which you can read here. Beck basically just borrowed their title, which he did a lot of in his Song Reader writings.