By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Ziz
    Available on Song Reader.
Ziz [Version (a)]:

Ziz is all there is, is all there was, will ever be
Ziz is giving kisses to the misters and the miz
Ziz makes all the kids think there is more than what there is
But all it is is nothing more or nothing less than Ziz
The Song:

To make everything feel more authentic, Beck filled out his twenty Song Reader songs by including lots of titles, melodies and fragments of songs throughout the artwork. "Ziz" is one of the ones he actually wrote, as he included the music and one verse for the song. You can see it on the back of "We All Wear Cloaks."

The title was borrowed from an ancient 1907 sheet music instrumental by Alfred Feltman (as was the font of the word 'Ziz' on the artwork, you can see it above). The music/words are Beck's own, however; he just took the title and wrote his own song to it.

If you want to cover the original, it can be found here.