Howling Wolves (Bon Jovi in a Vacuum Cleaner)
By: Beck Hansen, Chris Ballew
Written by: Beck Hansen, Chris Ballew

Live Versions:
  1. Howling Wolves (Bon Jovi in a Vacuum Cleaner)
    Beck Hansen: Noise, Vocals
    Chris Ballew: Noise, Vocals
Howling Wolves (Bon Jovi in a Vacuum Cleaner) [Live version (a)]:

Celebration, pineapples and kumquats simultaneously exploding
Piercing the fruit of eternity, lighting matchsticks and candles
Drawing a picture with God, drawing a picture with God
Severing the ties of God, covering their souls with masking tape
Eating off the floor...shit!
Lackadaisical, fermented, elastic, comatose
The Song:

"Howling Wolves" is not really a live track, but instead a homemade recording Beck and Chris Ballew had made. While appearing on KCRW together, Beck had the DJ play this tape. Ballew said it was their side project, Howling Wolves, and the tape began. Horrendous screeching feedback was then broadcast over the airwaves with (I think) Ballew's distorted voice announcing odd things like "pineapples and kumquats simultaneously exploding." Beck takes over the vocals near the end, but they're almost entirely indistinguishable at this point. Upon the song's ending, Beck says it sounds like "Bon Jovi in a vacuum cleaner": a perfect description if ever there was one! Beck and Ballew obviously got a huge kick out of being allowed to play such a tape over the radio.


Played live once:
March 1, 1994