Don't Apologize
By: A. Gadberry, Beck Hansen
Written by: A. Gadberry, Beck Hansen

  1. Don't Apologize
    Available on Song Reader.
Don't Apologize [Version (a)]:

Don't apologize
It doesn't matter
Who was wrong or right

The Song:

Song Reader is filled out with lots of fragments of songs, and this is one in which only one line/melody was printed.

It appears on the back of "Sorry," in a collection of songs about being sorry: "If You're Sorry, Then Why Don't You Look Sorry?," "Are You Really?," "Stop Being A Baby," and "Don't Apologize." Each one has a different pseudonym attached to it, though Beck wrote the short melody/one line of lyrics for each.

"Don't Apologize" is credited to A. Gadberry, and as far as I can tell the name is entirely made-up (not a reference to anyone or thing).