Won't You Fondle Me?
By: Beck Hansen
Original Performance: Mme. Galli-Curci
Written by: Beck Hansen

This Version:

Won't you fondle me?
Turn a ruse to a revelry
From who knows where to history
Oh walk into fire and burn with me

Won't you comfort me?
Set me free where I long to be
Free as any fool who's tried to see
Where life outside their shell might lead

Won't you take what's mine?
Like a doppelganger on borrowed time
In a context you could not define
Upon a rubicon of blasphemy

Won't you fondle me?
One hand loose and one hand free
Underneath the old oak tree
Oh come and lose a day with me


Some hands are uncouth and some are unkind
Some lose their touch and find they're reaching out blind
But yours have a way of knowing what's on my mind
Then you tell it to me anyway