Aroma of Gina Arnold
By: Glen Galloway, Jeff Jones, Kevin Branstetter, Kirk Branstetter

Original Performance: Trumans Water
Written by: Glen Galloway, Jeff Jones, Kevin Branstetter, Kirk Branstetter

Live Versions:
  1. Aroma of Gina Arnold
Aroma of Gina Arnold [Live version (a)]:

From June 29 1994 version:

They said our youth was dead
How could they know?
We're lying in our beds
We're lying low
Our plastic culture sucks
And it's gonna blow!!!


Let either side confess
They do not know
I really could care less
Who paved the road
The plastic culture sucks
And it's gonna blow!!!


The Song:

"Aroma of Gina Arnold" is a cover of a song by Truman's Water, who toured as Beck's opening band in 1994.

Truman's Water appears on the same KXLU compilation disc that "Whiskey-faced Radioactive Blowdryin' Lady" is on, and were a successful noisy San Diego band around the time Beck was a local musician. This song can be found on their 1993 album Spasm Smash XXXOXOX OX & Ass.

The song itself is a long, noisy jam, often around 10 minutes long. When Beck performed it, I believe Trumans Water joined him on stage since they were his opening act at the time.

Played live 2 times:
Earliest known live version: June 27, 1994
Latest known live version: June 29, 1994

"Aroma of Gina Arnold" appears on a couple of early bootlegs, from June 1994. The show from Minneapolis ended with the song.  Beck introduced it by saying "This is a song by Truman's Water, they've been on the tour with us. This is the last night of the tour. This is called 'The Aroma of Gina Arnold,' going straight out to the lady herself. It sounds like Beck is duetting with someone, so perhaps the Truman's Water singer joined him on stage? This version is an 11-minute, noisy jam with lots of shouting.

This isn't the only show it appears on setlists for either. Apparently, it was being played as late as August 10 1995, as well. I'd like to confirm that, I think it might be a title easily mis-applied.