Headgear Jockstrap
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Live Versions:
  1. Headgear Jockstrap
Headgear Jockstrap [Live version (a)]:

[This is an instrumental.]
The Song:

This brief little jam is nothing more than a plodding metal guitar riff over some tin can drumming. It's nothing memorable, and is over quick. "This is called 'Headgear Jockstrap.'" Beck clarifies with a laugh. The song ends with a shout.

Played live once:
March 30, 1994

The jam appears in an early Beck concert from March 30 1994. I do not know if it was ever played again, or before. Probably. Usually, this track is labeled on bootlegs as "Color Coordinated," which is a different instrumental jam, though a albeit similar one.