Arabian Nights
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Arabian Nights (3:52)
    Available on Midnite Vultures and 4 other releases.
    Tony Hoffer: Engineer, Mix, Producer, Programming
    Mickey Petralia: Mix
    Beck Hansen: Producer, Programming, Vocals
    DJ Swamp: Scratching
Arabian Nights [Version (a)]:

Bazookas and fisticuffs
Meditating in Porsches
98-karat stickshift
Chinatown late night meals
Alfonzo giving me a backrub
2pm lazer bizzaginal rejuvenation
Triple album project
Detonatin' tracks like these
Magnums and Barettas
Part-time hostages at pottery classes
Blind date at the wax museum
Norwegian hockey players
Passed out in government limos
Prime ministers with cryogenic faces
Louis Vuitton suitcases
Autographs and paid vacations
Divorce papers and synthetic lubrications
Playing you like top-40 stations
Ah you know the deal
Arabian nights, white satellites
Voodoo is tight like sleek diamond ice

Airbrushed memories strewn like
Pamphlets into thick Mississippis
Time-lapse footage of duct tape lies
Animal frequencies piercing deoderized nerves
Cosmetic procedures on the cartilage of apocalypse
Mannequin tycoons with airport piano bar mystiques
Remodeling conjugal amaracus
Flexing like suburban Spartacus
Getting smacked up by unemployed hand models
Running out into traffic with Beaujolais bottles
Arabian nights, white satellites
Voodoo is tight, like sleek diamond ice
The Song:

"Arabian Nights" would have fit in quite perfectly on Midnite Vultures, had it been recorded in time for inclusion. It is one of Vultures' B-sides, appearing originally on "Mixed Bizness" singles.

The liner notes credit Tony Hoffer as co-producer, sound designer, engineer, co-programmer, and co-mixer, so it's probably safe to assume it was a track cooked up by Beck and Tony one lovely day. A nice piano riff sets the mood, while DJ Swamp adds some killer scratching, especially during the intro. No instruments are credited at all, even for the chill band coda.

"Arabian Nights" is in full Hollywood Freak mode: "Meditating in Porsches," "Louis Vuitton suitcases," "paid vacations," "cosmetic procedures," and "divorce papers" abound. All of the worldly locations mentioned (Chinatown, Norway, Arabia, Mississippi) add to the flavor. Many of the songs on Midnite Vultures similarly refereneced exotic locales in their lyrics. The music is a little over-the-top (it begins with a shootout in a barnyard!), but never turns into too much of a novelty (which is true for most of Vultures, actually).

Not ever played live