Girl Dreams (Poop Alley version)
By: Beck Hansen, The Carter Family
Written by: Beck Hansen, The Carter Family

Version Of: Girl Dreams

This Version:
  • Girl Dreams (Poop Alley version) (3:18)
    Available on The Poop Alley Tapes.
    Recorded at: Poop Alley Studios
    Tony Maxwell: Drums
    Tom Grimley: Engineer
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Producer, Vocals
    Petra Haden: Violin / Fiddle, Vocals (Background)
    Anna Waronker: Vocals (Background)
I first met you down on Lover's Lane
The birds were insane, flapping all about
Softly you would sing, swinging in your swing
It wasn't night, it wasn't day

Sleeping underneath your car
Watching from afar, snacking on a graveyard
Fingers pointed down, you were just a frown
Blinded to the bone and alone

You're just the girl of my dreams
But it seems my dreams never come true