Saint Dude
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Version Of: Saint Dude

This Version:
Saint Dude, you've come a long way from your solitude
Like a sage whose sooth with something crude
'Cause you know the truth is ugly, Saint Dude

Ascension Day, there's a plan skywriting out your name
The people stood and watched it blow away
'Cause nothing's good until it's gone away

You are ascending, no more pretending
Leave these earthly days
Your fable's tainted, pipe dreams are faded
Your revelations came too late
And you're a saint

In 2068, they'll keep a vigil burning in your name
With the gospel of a parking valet on the way
Apostles from a mall won't let you fall from grace

Now you're unloading your baggage
Floating on the Sea of Galilee
You walk on fodder, turn wine to water
Lay down your song at Peter's Gate
And you're a saint