Barstool Blues
By: Neil Young

Written by: Neil Young

Barstool Blues [Version (a)]:

(from Neil Young's original)

If I could hold on to just one thought for long enough to know
Why my mind is moving so fast and the conversation is slow
You burn off all the fog and let the sun through to the snow
Let me see your face again before I have to go

I have seen you in the movies and in those magazines at night
I saw you on the barstool when you held that glass so tight
And I saw you in my nightmares, but I'll see you in my dreams
And I might live a thousand years before I know what that means

Once there was a friend of mine who died a thousand deaths
His life was filled with parasites and countless idle threats
He trusted in a woman and in her, he paid his debts
Once there was a friend of mine who died a thousand deaths
The Song:

"Barstool Blues" is a song by Neil Young on his album, Zuma.

Beck covered this live once in summer 2012. It was apparently entirely unrehearsed, and Beck had the lyrics sheet taped in front of him. They were near where Neil lives, and he was playing a festival with them the next night (where Beck would then cover "After The Goldrush").

Played live once:
August 9, 2012