Backwash Town
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Backwash Town
Backwash Town [Version (a)]:

Sticks and stones follow you back home
Back, bend back the branches
Of the dancers and dancers
Down, down in the backwash town

Turn your burned out heel all around
Into the ground
If you're drowned and drunken
And if you don't believe in counterfeits
Better find the one that fits
If you're walking on down
The Song:


This song is an ad-libbed track that is sort of based on lines from a number of other songs. The opening line was also used in something we know as "Sticks and Stones," but the rest was different enough as to consider this its own song.

Also, backwash towns show up in a number of Beck songs, including "Hotwax."

Most intriguingly, the line about "counterfeits / find the one that fits" would get adapted into Nobody's Fault."

Played live once:
July 23, 1995