All The Rain
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. All The Rain (3:24)
    Available on Stage Whisper.
    Recorded at: The Library
    Beck Hansen: Bass Synthesizer, Guitar (Electric), Organ, Piano, Producer
    Bram Inscore: Contrabass
    Cole Marsden Grief-Neill: Drum Programming, Engineer
    Ben Attal: Drums
    Cassidy Turbin: Engineer
    Dean Nelson: Engineer
    Drew Brown: Engineer, Recording
    Charlotte Gainsbourg: Vocals
All The Rain [Version (a)]:

If God don't make mistakes
Pulling the weeds from the ground
As they're growing up and over
The streets of the city

And I can't play it straight
'Cause I don't know if it matters
You try to stay calm
As they bring your head on a platter

All the rain
All the rain
Cover me now
All the rain
All the rain
Cover me now

Metal iron will
Pushing against the world
What you hope to gain
Is the same as what you're losing

Like a parasite
Living off somebody's life
All you take from someone else
Give yourself away

All the rain
All the rain
Cover me now
All the rain
All the rain
Cover me now

All the rain
All the rain
Cover me now
All the rain
All the rain
Cover me now
The Song:

"All The Rain" is a song Beck recorded with Charlotte Gainsbourg, for her album, Stage Whisper. The track was originally intended to be on IRM, but Beck and Charlotte were unable to finish it in time.

I like the simplicity of Beck's lyrics, which are not necessarily striking, but effective. They remind me of Sea Change in that way.

The verses all seem to point to a hopeless, pointless cycle of life. The first verse asks what's the point of God, if all these problems still exist. And once one weed is pulled, there are still more "growing up and over the city." It's neverending hopelessness.

The second verse refers to criticism, and how no matter what they do, it continues.

The third and fourth verses also refer to this cycle, where every time you gain, it's just taking the place for what you lose.

In general, rain can symbolize a few things, but a main one, as here, it indicates rebirth or cleansing. So this cycle expressed in the verses needs to start over at some point; weeds need regrowing, and rain allows it to happen. Even if it is totally pointless, that starting over is still a moment of hope.

Complicated ideas, simply expressed, is what I get out of this song.