Aphid Manure Heist
By: Bob McDill

Original Performance: Waylon Jennings
Written by: Bob McDill

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Amanda

Aphid Manure Heist [Version (a)]:

Amanda, light of a man's life
Make sure faith in the light
Made her the greatest woman
The greatest woman, to be the man's greatest wife

I thought it all over, Lord knows I've tried
It's an awful great struggle in any man's life
To look in the mirror in total surprise
At the great hair on her shoulders
And the great big big beautiful beautiful eyes
The Song:

"Aphid Manure Heist" is actually a cover of a country song from the '70s named "Amanda." A singer named Don Williams had a fairly successful version in 1973, but then the legendary Waylon Jennings recorded it as an album cut in 1974. It, however, became a hit single in 1979 as part of his greatest hits album.

I'm not sure who the singer is on this song. Maybe it's Beck sped up? The music seems to be some generic karoake sounds too, I wonder where it came from.

I also have no idea what "Aphid Manure Heist" could possibly mean or refer. I assume it's just a random surreal phrase used as a title.

So many questions, not enough answers!

Also Beck used a snippet of this recording on one of the versions of Don't Get Bent Out Of Shape.