Fall Away
By: Stephen Malkmus

Written by: Stephen Malkmus

  1. Fall Away (2:19)
    Available on Mirror Traffic.
    Recorded at: Sunset Sound Studios
    Joanna Bolme: Bass
    Janet Weiss: Drums
    Stephen Malkmus: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Mike Clark: Keyboard / Synthesizer
    Beck Hansen: Producer
Fall Away [Version (a)]:

Fall away, fall away
Try to know you, try to show you
Where this scene will end
Look to me, don't look through me
Unseat the audience
I know there's action in subtraction
Take it off the year, lead it on
Our separate songs
That no one else can hear

Fall away, fall away
Non-stop banter, heart supplanter
Can't afford yourself
Driving through some dream location
Will it ever gel?
There's no alacrity
The pack will feed on what you pour
Skating on a thin ice pond
And I can't tell what for
The Song:

In 2010 or so, Beck called up Stephen Malkmus and offered his services as a producer. Malkmus and his band, The Jicks, took him up on the offer and Beck produced their album, Mirror Traffic. Beck does not perform on the album, he is merely the producer.

"Fall Away" is the fourteenth track from the album.