Stick Figures In Love
By: Stephen Malkmus

Written by: Stephen Malkmus

  1. Stick Figures In Love (3:45)
    Available on Mirror Traffic.
    Recorded at: Sunset Sound Studios
    Joanna Bolme: Bass
    Janet Weiss: Drums
    Stephen Malkmus: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
    Mike Clark: Keyboard / Synthesizer
    Beck Hansen: Producer
Stick Figures In Love [Version (a)]:

If you want mine
You better take all the lies of me
Dragged down, no one can see
Mark it on the back
In no one's ear
I can see down
Sign stays in my head

Daughters of the world
Be on green alert
The scourge of plastic china
So fine in Carolina
Betting my bread on the minister
The alabaster wino
God speaks through that albino

Your frozen enemy
Came down before the flood
No time, no one is done
Your tokens of my voice
Will panic in fear
No spies, no one is done
The Song:

In 2010 or so, Beck called up Stephen Malkmus and offered his services as a producer. Malkmus and his band, The Jicks, took him up on the offer and Beck produced their album, Mirror Traffic. Beck does not perform on the album, he is merely the producer.

"Stick Figures In Love" is the seventh track from the album. The lyrics aren't clear at all, but that's my interpretation.