By: Thurston Moore

Written by: Thurston Moore

  1. January (4:52)
    Available on Demolished Thoughts.
    Recorded at: The Library
    Beck Hansen: Bass, Keyboard / Synthesizer, Mix, Producer, Vocals (Background)
    Thurston Moore: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Mary Lattimore: Harp
    Samara Lubelski: Violin
January [Version (a)]:

He sees her sleeping on the grass
I think I heard a distant splash
In July, she came to play
By January, he learns to pray
Your shoes at the door
Waves come crashing to the floor
He sees your swimsuit on the grass
I thought I heard a distant laugh
The Song:

Thurston Moore's 2011 solo album, Demolished Thoughts, was produced by Beck. It was recorded in Beck's home studio, which is called The Library. Beck is also credited on "additional arrangments," and playing the synths, some bass, and background vocals on the album. Beck's current rhythm section, Joey Waronker and Bram Inscore, also play throughout the record.

"January" is the ninth track on Demolished Thoughts. Thurston Moore wrote a less-than-serious track-by-track guide, and this is what he wrote about "January":

On day nine I recorded the ninth song “January” as a birthday greeting to a new day, and to a girl on roller skates in a prison stripe bathing suit.