By: Thurston Moore

Written by: Thurston Moore

  1. Space (6:40)
    Available on Demolished Thoughts.
    Recorded at: The Library
    Bram Inscore: Bass
    Thurston Moore: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Mary Lattimore: Harp
    Darrell Thorp: Mix
    Joey Waronker: Percussion
    Beck Hansen: Producer, Synthesizer
    Samara Lubelski: Violin
Space [Version (a)]:

I used to have all the time in the world
Cruising galaxies in search of gold
Another planet with no one home
It was only a matter of time
Before the space police discovered my crime

Forbidden visions etched in stone
Makes no difference to my death wish ray
Hearts get broken every day
Your undying lover is here and gone
The Song:

Thurston Moore's 2011 solo album, Demolished Thoughts, was produced by Beck. It was recorded in Beck's home studio, which is called The Library. Beck is also credited on "additional arrangements," and playing the synths, some bass, and background vocals on the album. Beck's current rhythm section, Joey Waronker and Bram Inscore, also play throughout the record.

"Space" is the eighth track on Demolished Thoughts. Thurston Moore wrote a less-than-serious track-by-track guide, and this is what he wrote about "Space":

On day eight I recorded the eighth song “Space” while swimming in Beck’s patio pool in full NASA Astronaut flight gear. Beck had stocked the pool with Bubble Eye, Fantail, Comet, Pearlscale, Shubunkin, Pompom and Veiltail Goldfish. Each fish was equipped with quadruple-fin and dorsal-fin mics, very miniscule, and I could only sing the lines when one would enter into my helmet and swim into my throat. Beck stacked high on the diving board his array of vintage synths all held together by Spiderwire fishing line. He’d climb the stack as if he was a newborn Keith Emerson and play beautiful swooshes with his fingers and scurries with his toes, in as adept a style as I’ve ever witnessed.

"Space" is probably one of Thurston's quirkier lyrics, but there is something affecting about it. Beck continues with some amazing production and arranging. He builds up a beautiful intro of acoustic guitar, harp, violin, and some other effects, which leads into a long acoustic guitar piece by Thurston Moore, that in turn gives away to the proper song part. It's a gorgeous recording, and really shows off the atmosphere Beck brought to Thurston's songs.