Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods (Epic version)
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

This Version:
  • Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods (Epic version)
    Available on American Epic - The Sessions.
    Fred Martin: Choral Leader, Musical Director
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Roger Joseph Manning Jr.: Piano
    Jack White: Producer
    Ari SorkoRam: Vocals (Choir)
    Claire Hafteck: Vocals (Choir)
    Dwanna Orange: Vocals (Choir)
    Emanuel Bennet: Vocals (Choir)
    Fawn SorkoRam: Vocals (Choir)
    Jennifer M. Brown: Vocals (Choir)
    Kevin Shannon: Vocals (Choir)
    Marc SorkoRam: Vocals (Choir)
    Michelle Jones: Vocals (Choir)
    Shana May Jackson: Vocals (Choir)
    Tai Phillips: Vocals (Choir)
The Song:

Around 2013, Beck started performing a dusty gospel version of "Fourteen Rivers" on stage. He then recorded the song for Jack White's music documentary, Epic Sessions. Beck's new recording will be released in May 2017.