Tropicália (DJ mix)

  1. Tropicália (DJ mix) (35:33)
    Available on Planned Obsolescence.
The Song:

"Tropicália" was the name of the 20th Planned Obsolescence DJ mix on It was made by Beck, and his description simply says it consists of "songs from the 60s Brazilian Tropicalia movement."

Beck, of course, is a long-time fan of the movement. Besides his own song "Tropicalia," he's sung a few times with Caetano Veloso, named an album after Os Mutantes, and has a few other Brazil-influenced songs. It seems to be one of his favorite musical genres.


Os Mutantes - Panis Et Circenses 0:00 - 3:31
Caetano Veloso - Irene 3:32 - 4:25
Gal Costa - Tuareg 4:26 - 7:04
Gilberto Gil - Dois Mil e Um 7:05-10:15
Os Mutantes - Fuga No. II 10:16-13:30
Caetano Veloso - Alfomega 13:31-17:22
Os Mutantes - Batmacumba 17:23-17:54
Gal Costa - Pulsars e Quasars 17:55-19:08
Caetano Veloso - Marinheiro só 19:09-20:18
Rita Lee - Hulla-Hulla 20:19-21:23
Rita Lee - Viagem ao Fundo de Mim 21:24-22:46
Os Mutantes - o relógio 22:47-26:12
Gal Costa - Com Medo, Com Pedro 26:13-28:18
Caetano Veloso - Empty Boat 28:19-31:51
Os Mutantes - Adeus Maria Fulô 31:52-33:05
Os Mutantes - Le Premier Donheur Du Jour 33:06-35:32