Zoo Music

  1. Zoo Music (17:22)
    Available on Planned Obsolescence.
The Song:

"Zoo Music" is a short Planned Obsolescence DJ mix that Beck put together in spring 2010.

There doesn't appear to be any overarching theme. The title comes from the Birthday Party song he used.

In researching what I could find about the songs, it seems they're in near alphabetical order by artist name. After the initial few, Beck just went in order!

The tracks in this mix include:

Sixtoo "Jackals And Vipers In Envy Of Man (Part 10
Faust "Hungry For Now" [0:36-0:54]
Ladytron "Seventeen" [0:55-1:41]
Rye Rye "Shake It To The Ground" [1:42-1:57]
?? [1:58-2:12]
Rye Rye "Shake It To The Ground [2:13-2:34]
Alec Empire "If You Live Or Die" [2:35-2:52]
Smith "Baby It's You" [2:53-3:39]
Alex Chilton "Bangkok" [3:40-4:10]
Alice "Le Nouveau Monde" [4:11-4:44]
All-Time Quarterback "Why I Cry" [4:45-5:26]
Animal Collective "What Would I Want Sky" [5:27-6:17]
Annie "The Greatest Hit" [6:18-6:46]
AFX "Klopjob" [6:47-7:17]
Arabian Prince "Situation Hot" [7:18-7:54]
Banksy "Paris Hilton" [7:55-8:38]
Bat For Lashes "Prescilla" [8:39-9:12]
Battles "IPT-2 (Reversed)" [9:13-9:24]
Beat Happening "That Girl" [9:25-9:57]
?? ("new girl in town") [9:58-10:41]
?? ("have mercy baby") ][10:42-11:38]
The Band "Look Out Cleveland" [11:39-12:26]
?? [12:27-12:51]
Bill Fay "Brighton Beach" [12:52-13:35]
"what the fuck is going on?" [13:36-14:01]
?? [14:02-14:24]
The Birthday Party "Zoo Music Girl" [14:25-15:00]
?? [15:01-15:29]
?? [15:30-15:51]
The Blackbyrds "Rock Creek Park" [15:52-16:26]
?? [16:27-17:22]