Roosevelt Hotel Blues
By: Jon Spencer

Original Performance: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Written by: Jon Spencer

  1. Roosevelt Hotel Blues
    Available on Now I Got Worry Deluxe.
    Russell Simins: Drums
    Jon Spencer: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Judah Bauer: Guitar (Electric)
    Beck Hansen: Keyboard / Synthesizer
    Money Mark: Keyboard / Synthesizer
Roosevelt Hotel Blues [Version (a)]:

Ah don't ya worry
Ah baby boy
Don't worry
Baby boy

Get down out your tree
I'm gonna get down honey bee
Don't ya worry
Ah baby boy
Don't worry, baby boy
Get it

Ah don't worry
Baby boy
Don't worry honey
Baby boy
Get down out there
When they're drunk
I'm gonna go in
'Til they're all drunk
Don't worry, baby boy

Ay ay alright!
Yeah yeah get up
Aw get it up
Aw get it up
Get it up
I said if you ever get out the lobby
At the Roosevelt Hotel
You better have your room
That security
Hey! Mr Hotel Dick
Get off my back
Yeah I'm gonna telephone

Ah baby boy get
Ah baby boy get
Ah baby boy get
Ah baby boy
The Song:

Beck, as you may or may not know or care, back in the early '90s, hung out and worked a bit with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. He rapped on their song "Flavor" and Jon Spencer messed around on "Diskobox." There's also an old rumor that Beck and the Blues Explosion recorded a whole tape together that hasn't seen the light of day.

In May 2010, the JSBX released a Deluxe version of their album Now I Got Worry which contained like 15 bonus tracks. One of the tracks was called "Roosevelt Hotel Blues" and credits Beck on keyboards!