Big Drift 1982 (Krikor remix)
By: Beck Hansen, Feist, Jamie Lidell, Lindsey Rome

Original Performance: Jamie Lidell
Written by: Beck Hansen, Feist, Jamie Lidell, Lindsey Rome

Version Of: Big Drift

This Version:
  • Big Drift 1982 (Krikor remix) (7:02)
    Krikor: Remix
    Jamie Lidell: Vocals
Caverns of empty space
No bones can keep their shape
No water and no flames
But smoke as black as lace

Go down, ironsides
Go down, golden ghost
So long, battle bones
I've seen it come to only dust

No black, only grey
We come or come what may
Break out of harm's way
Pink washed the skies away

Beaches combing for the ring
Reaches bones and copper string
All that's left from all you bring
Keeps me searchin' through your things
The Song:

This is a remix of a song on Jamie Lidell's album, Compass. The remix was given away on Lidell's website. Beck co-wrote the song, and sang back-up on the original, but it does not sound to me like he is on this remix in anyway.

Krikor is a credited mixer on Octet's remix of "Girl" on Guerolito; unsure if he is a part of Octet or what relationship there.