In Grey And Pink

  1. In Grey And Pink (21:39)
    Available on Planned Obsolescence.
The Song:

"In Grey And Pink" is one of Beck's DJ mixes from his online Planned Obsolescence series. No real overriding theme, though a lot of the songs are about sex, and the mix did come out around Valentine's Day in 2010.

Approximate tracklist:
Cem Karaca ??
Jean Jacques Dexter/Yan Tregger "Be Quite” (the "relax")
The Moon "I Should Be Dreaming"
Neil Young "I've Been Waiting For You"
Chico Buarque "Caçada"
The Feelies "Fa Cé-La"
Caravan "In The Land Of Grey And Pink"
??? (Isaac Hayes?) "Where do we go from here?"
R. Kelly "Girl I Wanna Get You Pregnant'
The Three Degrees "Dirty Ol' Man"
Ghostface Killah ??
Bibio ??
Black Moth Super Rainbow "Twin Of Myself"
Girls "Ghost Mouth"
David Bowie "Magic Dance"
Michael Jackson "Speed Demon"
Prince "Toy Box"
Color Me Badd "I Wanna Sex You Up"

I'm told a number of things on here come from a compilation called "B Music" on the Finders Keepers label.