By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Feelings (1:31)
    Available on Golden Feelings.
Feelings [Version (a)]:

I have so many feelings
But I know that I'm feeling
I'm dealing with all of these feelings
Feelings, oh feelings
Lord I have so many feelings
And I know that I am feeling
Dealing with all of these feelings
I'm feeling all of these feelings
Lord, I know that I'm feeling
I'm trying to feel all of my feelings
Feelings that make me feel
That there's something more to be real
Lord I'm dealing with these feelings
Feelings, feelings, feelings
All of these feelings when everything is turning
Turning into my feelings
I know that something is feeling
All my feelings
The Song:

This title track of sorts from Golden Feelings is a peaceful, easy song. Beck was probably improvising the whole thing, as he relied on the same rhymes throughout. The effect of the repetition is calming, but this song is hardly supremely creative, more likely Beck just playing around with a tape recorder. It does stand in contrast the noisier side Beck had on some of these early tapes.