Contextual Off Season

  1. Contextual Off Season (22:05)
    Available on Planned Obsolescence.
The Song:

"Contextual Off Season" is Beck's 14th Planned Obsolescence DJ mix (and the 15th overall). Unlike some of his other mixes, this one has no (apparent) connecting theme.

Beck did not include a tracklist for this, so this isn't complete, but a few of the songs included are:

Atlas Sound "Attic Lights"
Here We Go Magic "Tunnelvision"
Jam On Production Crew "Jam On Revenge"
Ariel Pink "Alisa"
Arthur Russell "The Platform On The Ocean"
John Foxx "He's A Liquid"
Kraftwerk "Showroom Dummies"
Tobacco - don't know what song
Hall & Oates "Kiss On My List"
Madvillain "Curls"