These Are Not Fall Colors

  1. These Are Not Fall Colors (29:22)
    Available on Planned Obsolescence.
The Song:

This is Beck's 13th Planned Obsolescence DJ mix (and the 14th overall). Beck had taken 4-6 weeks off from making mixes, after giving us 12 straight weeks of them and introduced this one with "Here's a new one after a little break. Been in the studio, so no time for homemade mixes the last month."

The "theme" for this one is clearly folk songs (not sure where the title comes from, but it fits). It's a lesson in folk music, from one who knows it.

No tracklist was given, so I don't know everything in this, but it goes something like:

Nick Drake "Introduction"
Vetiver "Roll On Babe"
John & Beverly Martyn "John The Baptist"
Nick Drake "One Of These Things First"
Affinity "United States Of Mind"
Devendra Banhart "Now That I Know"
Pearls Before Swine "Another Time"
David Crosby "Music Is Love"
Bert Jansch "Blackwaterside"
Linda Perhacs "Parallelograms"