We Are Bacteria (1 version)
Type: Compilation
7" version a    
Title: We Are Bacteria
Release type: Fan Club
Release date: 1995 (unknown date)
Format: 7" (x1)
Number pressed: 100
Label: Honey Bear
Catalog number: HB019
Country: United States
Matrix info:
Side A: U-47010m-A HB-019- A
Side B: U-47010m-B HB-019- B
The Beck tracks which appear on this ├╝ber rare 7 inch were recorded when Beck was touring with Lance Hahn (of J Church) in 1994 and/or 1995. It was distributed as part seven of the Honey Bear Fan Club (first singles club) and was a limited pressing at 100 copies.

It is arguably tied with the UK Pay No Mind 7 inch (GFS73) for second rarest Beck release, both coming in after the infamous Beercan 7 inch (only one verified copy has ever surfaced).

1. J Church - The Creep Is Back
2. The Phantom Pregnancies - We Are Bacteria
3. The Phantom Pregnancies - Awa Awa Awatcha

1. Glut 
Bass: Beck Hansen
Drums: Joey Waronker
Guitar: Beck Hansen
Vocals: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

2. Untitled 
Written by: Beck Hansen