Beck Social Media (1 version)
Type: Online
 In 2018, Beck started utilizing Instagram a bit more, and occasionally even put up clips of him performing.

November 2018: a short acoustic instrumental guitar piece that Beck was playing alone sitting in a yard, as nearby sirens go by. His caption was "serenading the sirens."

January 1 2019: 2 clips of a cover of The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun"

Listed below will just be the "new" things, but he's also put up a clip of him performing "Guess I'm Doing Fine" from a hotel room, and he and his band warming up before a show, playing a totally goofy version of "Devils Haircut."

On April 24, 2020, Beck posted a quarantine solo acoustic cover of "I Am The Cosmos" from his couch for all to enjoy.

As Beck adds more, I'll put them here.
Digital Downloads
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Title: Beck Social Media
Release type: Retail
Release date: Unknown date
Format: Digital Download (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown

1. Serenading The Sirens 
Guitar (Acoustic): Beck Hansen

2. Here Comes The Sun 
Guitar (Acoustic): Beck Hansen, Jason Falkner
keyboards: Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Original Performance: The Beatles
Tambourine: Ilan Rubin
Vocals: Beck Hansen
Vocals (Background): Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Written by: George Harrison

3. I Am The Cosmos 
Original Performance: Chris Bell
Written by: Chris Bell