Beck Social Media (1 version)
Type: Online
 In 2018, Beck started utilizing Instagram a bit more, and occasionally even put up clips of him performing.

November 2018: a short acoustic instrumental guitar piece that Beck was playing alone sitting in a yard, as nearby sirens go by. His caption was "serenading the sirens."

January 1 2019: 2 clips of a cover of The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun"

Listed below will just be the "new" things, but he's also put up a clip of him performing "Guess I'm Doing Fine" from a hotel room, and he and his band warming up before a show, playing a totally goofy version of "Devils Haircut."

On April 24, 2020, Beck posted a quarantine solo acoustic cover of "I Am The Cosmos" from his couch for all to enjoy.

On September 11, 2020, Beck was part of an online tribute to Daniel Johnston. A bunch of artists submitted covers of Johnston's songs, and Beck did an acoustic cover of "True Love Will Find You In The End" for it.

On October 9, 2020, Beck tossed a pretty piano cover of John Lennon's "Love" on to his Instagram account. (It was Lennon's 80th birthday.)

On October 23, 2020, Beck gave a cover of "Don't Come Around Here No More" to the Tom Petty 70th Birthday Bash virtual festival.

As Beck adds more, I'll put them here.
Digital Downloads
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Title: Beck Social Media
Release type: Retail
Release date: Unknown date
Format: Digital Download (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown

1. Serenading The Sirens 
Guitar (Acoustic): Beck Hansen

2. Here Comes The Sun 
Guitar (Acoustic): Beck Hansen, Jason Falkner
keyboards: Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Original Performance: The Beatles
Tambourine: Ilan Rubin
Vocals: Beck Hansen
Vocals (Background): Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Written by: George Harrison

3. I Am The Cosmos 
Original Performance: Chris Bell
Written by: Chris Bell

4. True Love Will Find You In The End 
Guitar (Acoustic): Beck Hansen
Harmonica: Beck Hansen
Original Performance: Daniel Johnston
Vocals: Beck Hansen
Written by: Daniel Johnston

5. Love 
Bass: Beck Hansen
Drums: Beck Hansen
Engineer: Darrell Thorp
Guitar (Acoustic Slide): Beck Hansen
Guitar (Acoustic): Beck Hansen
Mix: Darrell Thorp
Original Performance: John Lennon
Piano: Beck Hansen
Produced by: Beck Hansen
Vocals: Beck Hansen
Vocals (Background): Beck Hansen
Written by: John Lennon

6. Dont Come Around Here No More 
Written by: David A. Stewart, Tom Petty

7. California 
Guitar: Beck Hansen
Vocals: Beck Hansen
Written by: Joni Mitchell