Power House Records Inc. Issue #19 (1 version)
Type: Compilation
12" version a    
Title: Power House Records Inc. Issue #19
Release type: DJ
Release date: Unknown date
Format: 12" (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown
Label: Power House Records Inc.
Catalog number: PH 019
Country: United States
Matrix info:
Side C: PH-019 C1 M.M.M.J.R. 35241(2)...
Side D: PH-019 D1 M.M.M.J.R. 35242(2)...
Presumably this is part of a larger set, since the sides are labelled C and D rather than A and B.

The label lists the BPM:
Intro 1: (32) - (120 BPM)
Intro 2: (32) - (88 BPM)
Break 1: (32) - (88 BPM)
Break 2: (32) - (120 BPM)

1. Loser (Power House Remix) 
Remix: Markus "The Slice" Schulz
Written by: Beck Hansen, Karl Stephenson

2. Breeders - Cannonball

3. S.O.S. Band - Borrowed Love
4. I To I - The Right Time
Outer Sleeve Front (Photo) Outer Sleeve Back (Photo) Inner Sleeve Front (Photo) Inner Sleeve Back (Photo) Side C (Photo) Side D (Photo)